Doris Sung and
Karen Sabath

Project: InVert™ Self-Shading Windows

Using no energy to save energy, InVert™ Self-Shading Windows automatically block unwanted heat gain to reduce air-conditioning use, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, while providing superior levels of human wellness. This patented system uses thermo-bimetal pieces assembled in a grid whereby the pieces flip when heated from the sun, blocking the sun to reduce solar heat gain in the building.

About Doris Sung 

Doris Sung brings active systems to sustainable design far beyond the simple "greening" of a building. With the belief that buildings can be more sensitive to the changing environment, she seeks ways to make the building envelope dynamic and responsive. As a result, she is developing smart materials, such as thermobimetals, to self-ventilate, self-shade, self-structure, self-assemble and self-propel in response to changes in temperatures--all with zero-energy and no controls. 

Juggling between research and teaching at the USC, Doris publishes, lectures and exhibits, internationally while managing to bring her patented inventions to the market. Her talk has reached 1.25 million views and her list of awards keeps growing. She has been named a fellow at Google’s R+D for the Built Environment, the U.S. Artist, the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center and the Headlands Center for the Arts. Her work seamlessly straddles technology and art by fluidly integrating multidisciplinary fields, cultures and expertise.

About Karen Sabath

Karen began her career in the financial services sector in the mortgage finance department at First Boston and later joined the start-up asset management company, BlackRock. At BlackRock, Karen spearheaded the integration of the trust division of PNC Bank and grew that operation into BlackRock Funds, it's mutual fund division, where she was its President at age 28. She is the leader of children’s programming at Rainbeau Ridge, a sustainable farm in suburban New York educating students ages 2 through 12 with opportunities to learn about where their food comes from, animal care and beekeeping with hands-on seasonal activities and with age-appropriate curriculum on embracing sustainability practices. She is the co-founder of the Hudson Valley Natural Beekeepers group with more than 500 members.

Karen continued to expand her sustainability platform by joining the grass-roots environmental efforts of Bedford 2020, whose mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its community and to model high impact actions for the region and New York State. She is now Senior Vice President and Treasurer. 

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