Dr. Ankita


Myself Dr. Ankita Asthana I am a management graduate and a doctorate in corporate governance with an overall experience of more than 16 years. I have an enriching experience in corporate sales, management institutions and now working as a social entrepreneur. I have also undertaken various projects in the area of corporate social responsibility. I am also a Co-founder of Fitizen India, we have been organising marathons across India on various social & environmental issues i.e. cancer awareness, plastic recycling, water conservation & management. Till date we have conducted 12 marathons with over 50000 participants.


My purpose in joining this program is to address the issues related to Air pollution in Mumbai and would like to work specifically in the area of Electric vehicle adoption in Mumbai. I would propose to mobilise the youth of the city and work with them to create a drive for the adoption of green and clean energy. The objective of the project would be to Sensitize Mumbaikar's in the adoption of green transportation, government incentives available for them and educating them about the scrappage policy etc. resulting in their significant contribution in increasing the air quality of Mumbai by 2030.

We have been organizing marathons/ running events in different parts of Mumbai & Bengaluru and have been trying to promote walking and running as healthy way of living. Air pollution is one of the greatest issue when it comes to outdoor fitness activity such as running with rising air pollution levels it is becoming increasing difficult to get clean air along with heavy traffic in Mumbai is becoming worse day by day for general public to walk on roads. We would like to like to contribute in improvising the air quality levels in Mumbai.


As a social entrepreneur, I believe sustainable business practice is the only way and it's our responsibility to work towards such kinds of practices in our daily lives.

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