RNisarg Foundation

Doctor by profession my interest lies in finding local solutions to global problem. Building citizen participation through self discipline, self awareness and self participation has been my guiding tools. By setting examples via self work, I think motivating the citizens is possible.


Being a women and a doctor has helped me address the growing menace caused by disposal sanitary pads to the environment. Unsafe disposal is causing land, water and soil contamination. Also pads are laden with chemicals and plastics which is causing health concerns too. The project Sakhi helps address this problem through medical field. Doctors and healthcare staff conduct menstrual health, hygiene sessions which are backed with reusable menstrual cups.Having piloted this project in urban slums, need to upscale it is being explored.

Action by Youth is crucial in the coming decade for us to survive in the planet Earth.
Empowering them with the right knowledge and skill set is an investment we at RNisarg foundation believe in doing. A healthy mix of short term with planned long term goals could help us reach our targets. Conserving the environment is our duty and we want it to happen through behavioural change. Igniting the minds, touching the heart will help get us action through our hands. So let’s serve the planet for a better tomorrow after all we have only one to live.

While finding answers to my personal goals of trying to live a sustainable life, I came across various ideas. After successfully running them as pilots, I now look forward to sharing it and upscaling them at large scale.

RNisarg Foundation:

1. Project Sakhi - Menstrual health hygiene and sustainable Menstrual products - Educated 10,000+ women, converted 3000 women from slums and adivasi areas of Palghar and Raigad to using safe and sustainable Menstrual products.

2. Project Prarambh - Creating Zero waste educational institutions.

3. Green Pharmacy - Safe disposal of Household pharmaceutical waste (expired/ damaged/ unwanted drugs).

4. Medical Waste - Know your plastics - Create conscious consumers of plastic Biomedical waste management training for health workers of thane city.

5. Smiles - Safety for miles - Project for traffic management.