Elizabeth Ledesma and
Monica Pulido

Project: EcoLocal Market - Green logistics for a km zero organic distribution

The project, 'Green logistics for a km zero organic distribution',  is a mobile app that allows the members to connect with like-minded farmers, geolocates organic and proximity producers and consolidate deliveries to improve transport efficiency in the city centre.

About Elizabeth Ledesma

Elizabeth is a Mexican web technician, and entrepreneur graduated in web server Administration in Belgium. She became interested in environmental issues as she was raised in Mexico City declared and which was declared the most polluted city in the world. After living in Canada, France and Belgium, she finally moved to Spain where she has contributed for more than 15 years to build and maintain fundraising websites for Doctors Without borders Spain and, as an entrepreneur she dedicates her career to the use of technology for good. When Elizabeth launched Ecolocal Market in 2019 with cofounder Monica Pulido, an APP built and maintained by women programmers that supports sustainable agriculture and local producers, she saw a problem that the farmers couldn’t solve - the hight cost of transportation and logistics in the organic sector. She believes that technology must contribute to a healthier future and this is her commitment: taking actions everyday to change the world for the better.

About Monica Pulido

Monika is a Food Engineer from the UAM (México City,1998). She has a diploma on Quality Control, and worked on the quality control department and after two years of experience (1998-2000) she went to Japan and lived there for 7 years. After she moved to Spain (2007) and started a family trading company that at present still export to Asian countries. During this job she realised the importance of giving high quality food to the client. Her concern about climate change, and the conviction that one has to act now to fight against it, inspired her to create Ecolocal Market, and simultaneously started pursuing a Masters Degree on Ecological Agriculture at the Universidad de Barcelona because she wants to be a part of the community that is proactively working to help our planet.