Elizabeth Ledesma &
Mónica Pulido

Project: Ecolocal Market APP

Elizabeth Ledesma and Monica Pulido are the founding partners of the Cooperative ECOLOCAL MARKET. Elizabeth Ledesma graduated in IT systems and digital marketing. She has over fifteen years of experience in communications and fundraising in Doctors Without Borders. She is a founding member of the first association of ecological consumption in Castelldefels. Monica Pulido is a food engineer and has been working for her own company in Spain since 2006. Her professional experience always makes her look for food to be as fresh as possible, and since her arrival to Spain she began to investigate where to buy organic products and during this search she stumbled upon Elizabeth. Both Mexican and both share the same vision of supporting  local economy, focusing on important factors such as caring for the environment, preservation of land, animal welfare and the necessity to reduce carbon footprint and food waste.


The app ECOLOCAL MARKET was developed to help to minimise carbon footprint generated by the consumption of daily food and beverages. It allow users to navigate around over hundreds of products, geolocate the closest suppliers. Benefiting local economy, artisan production and paying the fair price for the product.

Our objectives are:

  • RECONECT. We show the origin of products to customers, highlighting the proximity policies, sustainable growth and respect for the environment; we tell the history of food.
  • PROMOTE. Ecolocal Market offers e-commerce space for farmers that wish to optimise their stock management through the use of technology and automatic learning with the goal of reducing food waste.
  • WE CREATE UNITY. We create partnerships with other initiatives that promote sustainable consumption so that farmers  can choose other sales points via our online search of local shops.

Since being part of an association of ecological consumption and creating an ecological consumption group in our community, we have realised that on one side people don’t know local producers nor the effort they make, and nor the origin of their food. Also, we noted the necessity to support the logistics of agricultural processes: 1) we group shipments to minimise the cost and carbon footprint, 2) in the near future, the app will avoid food waste thanks to artificial intelligence.


Our vision is to guarantee that food is treated as a precious resource. We support collective action against climate change through the purchase of local homemade and organic products. Our technology geolocates the distribution route from the farmer to the final consumer, helping to reduce carbon footprint.

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