Ocean Literacy and Environment Education Program

Elsie Gabriel is Ambassador for India Ocean Quest Global International,Founder Young Environmentalists Programme, National Coordinator Oceans- Climate Reality Project, Founder/Co- Chairperson Oceans School India. Elsie is a Distinction Gold certified Environment Educator with Education Honours Loreto House Kolkata. Ambassador for India Ocean Quest Global International. An award winning environmentalist,climate change advocate, global speaker trained and certified by former Vice President of USA Al Gore in Rio Brazil South America . Researching on anthropological ocean communities , Ocean pollution and Traditional Knowledge globally. PADI certified Advanced diver,with certified expertise in Environment law and Post graduate from Mumbai University in Mass Communications, she works in areas of Climate change mitigation and ocean education. Alumni of Harvard Business School Leadership Program Senior Executives. USA. Elsie is also the Global Peace Ambassador awarded by the Workhardt International Foundation. National Winner Kerala Eco Tourism, Awardee of the Women's Achievers Award by the Mayor of Mumbai. Post her Spiritual Ecology certificate Australia she authored her book Get Out Get Going Outdoors while writing for the Time's of India- the book was launched by the Governor and Mayor of Mumbai. Presently researching on Ocean plastics, Marine Ecosystems,Powai lake Mumbai and Urban Ocean Tribal Community.


Reason for Participation in the Ocean Literacy and Environment Education Programs in the Education Sector.

Mumbai is surrounded by oceans. It bears the brunt of climate change and pollution. The state of Maharashtra has numerous coastal zones. While the government is doing its bit, I would like to create - 1. Ocean Literacy Film.
2. Ocean Literacy Textbook.
3. Build Community groups on Ocean conservation, of various age groups to help fight Ocean pollution through education thus shaping more careers in oceanography and conservation.
4.Host an Ocean Convention in Mumbai under your partnership.
5. Create an App for Measuring Ocean pollution collection and recycling.

India is surrounded by oceans, coasts and has more than two dozen islands, although it does not belong to the SIDS umbrella and policies. There is an urgent need to enhance capacity building among Ocean habitat communities and enforce modules of education where surfers, divers and fishermen besides islanders can be equipped as Agents of change to assist in Ocean conservation and mitigation.

The Young Environmentalists Programme Trust is a registered NGO working with coastal locals in areas of marine debris, beach cleanings, academic Ocean literacy and our organization needs to voice our problems, solutions and learn how to tackle these aspects at a community level as well as government through its Ocean School India project. The C40 mentorship will educate and equippe me to create a stronger mission on sustainable development goals among tribal and indigenous Ocean communities. During the covid isolation we conducted more than 50 Ocean cleanups encouraging community to join hands with the Government instead of criticism. There is a strong need to get communities in India involved in Ocean mitigation in an organized manner, therefore we pledge and commit to keep our ongoing programs alive through knowledge sharing and participation. The Young Environmentalists Programme Trust established the Ocean School in Lakshadweep Islands and have created a momentum where Young adults get more training in marine biology, oceanography and now we need guidance for more youth to join the ocean movement and build momentum in getting careers in Ocean related topics to get a stronger percentage of youth to know about these Ocean careers.

Ocean warming is driving changes across species and ecosystem scales at a very rapid rate here in India, as poverty, excess population and illiteracy is alarming where Ocean education is considered. Attending this mentorship will help me bring about a more educated team to replicate the Ocean mission in Mumbai Maharashtra. Alarming deoxygenation, ocean acidification and other stressors with likely compounding consequences for ocean ecosystems and species are speeding with fast paced coastal infrastructure and we need to sharpen our skills to enforce Ocean climate change mitigation through our collaboration.

Sustainable development goal 14 should be at the foremost among youth, students and community leaders. 70% of the world is covered with oceans and Mumbai can not afford to let its value in climate change Mitigation go down. Saving the Blue will help us save the Green. We would also like to promote your mission and outcomes among academic faculty. Looking forward to working together.

As a deep sea diver, researching at various Ocean habitats globally I came back to Mumbai beaches and coasts to find that it was also full of pollution not only on beaches but fromstormwater drains, residential areas, plastics, unorganized efforts and felt the strong need to establish Ocean School India and Ocean Literacy Interactive modules along with Environmental education. India more than ever needs to cultivate more civic sense and green lifestyle responsibility. This I felt could be done with preaching, through a Citizens Science movement. Education is key. The entire marine ecosystems in Mumbai consists of urban lakes, rivers and coasts therefore there is an urgent need to enhance capacity building.


Expression of Following the COP26 and IPCC reports has motivated me further to take this commitment forward for a sustainable blue planet in Mumbai. The Indian oceans are increasingly threatened by a host of different factors and mitigation capabilities are just not enough. The youth and community need a voice and inclusive participation. While the government is doing its best , we focus on educating and equipping the community at various levels to take on the Ocean mitigation mission in full force. We know are running out of time and every effort counts. Our Young Environmentalists Programme Trust and Ocean School India is committed to protecting the oceans through community action and lifestyle changes. To tackle the threats on our oceans we will require a fundamental change in the way the international community works and responds, and we can bring back to India, your success outlines to enforce here in India. Besides science, community cooperation and raising awareness is a must, therefore we express our interest in your guidance to take this forward in a more structured format. The oceans and coasts in India are now facing a multidimensional crisis, of which human-made climate change, overfishing, plastic pollution and ocean acidification are all factors. There is an urgent need to step up our efforts to protect the marine environment by averting this crisis. A people's movement is a must. We will honour your mission and commit to your SDG 14 goals. The protection of the marine environment is an urgent issue for India as well, island nations surrounded by the sea, but its policies are fragmented and insufficient and lag behind those of many other developed countries. We need to fundamentally change the structure of policy-making and to strengthen efforts to achieve a sustainable marine environment, as well as make a positive contribution to the international. A community movement led by Women4Climate and C40 will strengthen our mission forward.

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