Project: Developing a Climate Positive Pathway for the Sydney Opera House Towards 2023

Emma has an Environmental Science and Management background with over 15 years of experience as a practitioner in sustainability. Emma has proven experience spanning across strategy development, sustainability education and training, resource efficiency and risk management; culture change and organisational engagement.

Emma joined the Sydney Opera House in 2016 as the Manager of Environmental Sustainability after 10 years with Taronga Conservation Society Australia. Emma’s role is to strategically support and help set the future direction for the Sydney Opera House’s sustainability program.

Emma is extremely dedicated and passionate about inspirational and innovative leadership; in particular the important role that individuals, organisations and businesses play to influence and drive positive change within the community.


The Sydney Opera House is a symbol of modern Australia and seeks to address issues that are important to our society. Over 10 million people visit the Opera House each year providing a powerful platform to take a leadership role for climate action.

The Opera House sources 85% of its electricity from renewable energy; is a 5 Star Green Star rated building; and is a certified carbon neutral organisation. The Opera House strives to inspire and strengthen the community through authentic leadership in sustainability. My project is to build on these achievements by supporting the Opera House to forge a climate positive pathway by 2030. This is an important ambition as it demonstrates that the Opera House is committed to taking action to respond to, and prepare for, a changing world.

Delivering my project will help ensure that the Opera House continues to lead by example as a World-heritage listed building, cultural icon and performing arts venue. By becoming one of the only heritage buildings around the world to achieve climate positive we hope to inspire and support others to take action.


I am driven and motivated by our collective ability to respond to issues that are important for our environment and community. I am strong advocate for change that raises awareness, inspires hope and educates the next generation of decision makers. I feel personally passionate about having the opportunity to make a contribution towards achieving carbon neutral status.

As a symbol of modern Australia, the Opera House’s vision is to inspire and strengthen the community. Developing a pathway for the Opera House to achieve a climate positive position ensures the Opera House makes an important contribution to reduce global emissions while also endeavouring to be a source of inspiration for the community in Australia and around the world.

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