Leadership in sustainable design initiatives

Frédérique has been interested in Sustainable Development for over 15 years. As a citizen, she started being concerned by consumption and waste early on, but it's during her studies in Industrial Design that she first felt she had the concrete power to change the way things are designed and built. At the master's degree at HEC Montréal, Frédérique studied and wrote her dissertation on responsible consumption behaviors. Since she joined Rümker in 2015, she has worked to reflect, develop and apply the CSR (corporate social responsibility) to integrate responsible sourcing and eco-design practices. Moreover, to be consistent with Rümker’s objectives and consolidate its green expertise, she makes sure that the entire Rümker team is up to date on eco-design strategies and ensure they keep informed on new environmental breakthroughs.


As a project manager in a design studio, even if our team is led with the awareness and values to pursue a sustainable design approach, it can happen that our partners and stakeholders are not on board for various (and often valid) reasons. What I wish to develop is a leadership that will convince and attracts our collaborators to improve the green aspects of our projects as much as their business value. I would like to improve my skills at communicating a vision, in order to be inspiring, unifying and generate innovation through collaborative efforts. This mentoring will allow me to develop the confidence to take my place and flourish in my role as a leader, thus inspiring the stakeholders of our projects to adopt a common and eco-responsible vision.

I have always been sensitive to waste and unnecessary consumption. I believe it is our mission as designers to create objects and environments that will last and still be functional and enjoyable throughout the years. I realized that the biggest curb to overcome when we want to improve the green value of our projects is to align all parties on the feasible and applicable solutions. Thus the need for leadership and effective communication skills I get develop through a great mentorship.


My ultimate goal is to be able to implement sustainable methodologies and efficient eco-design strategies in any design process. By doing such, we will be able to select the relevant criteria that will help building our physical world with long-lasting and ever-pleasant objects and spaces.