Project: Climate change and Sustainability fashion

Newtina A.H. Forde is a 25-year-old student of Creative Technology and Software Engineering at Limkokwing University. She is a climate change advocate actively involved in the national waste management policies and recycling plastics into useful home equipment.


Her project that’s focuses on fashion and its connection to climate change was established in February 2020.   

What it does:

  • Climate change and sustainability fashion helps to develop the skills, address structures of injustice and inequality which have caused the climate crisis using my advocacy platform.
  • To create climate awareness and empowering women to support climate change action.
  • Around the world, women’s issues and change intersect in a variety of ways. At the broadest level, the effects of climate change on women, particularly in Sierra Leone, are compounded by our lack of equal right or access to financial and educational resources.

Its goals:

  • One of its main goals is to educate women and young pupils in school about climate change.
  • To increase awareness in Sierra Leone on the effects of climate change.
  • To relate fashion in to climate change ie, all citizens of this nation should maintain good ethics to protect the climate.
  • It also makes perfect sense to host a Miss Climate change in Sierra Leone with my modelling platform to raise awareness.

The Impact:

The need for women’s voices to be heard most vividly apparent when considering the fact that women are struggling to protect and retain control of the very natural resources that they depend on which are directly threatened by climate change.

This initiative all started with the effects we are having about the climate in Sierra Leone. Based on several climate-related disasters that occurred in Sierra Leone, I thought that fashion can go a long way in raising awareness about climate change amongst women, young girls and the nation at large. So that was my platform and I became more passionate.


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges affecting Sierra Leone, in that light, I was motivated to raise awareness about climate change in a fashionable way by visiting schools, organisations, communities etc.