Project: Uttopy

Passionate about marketing, creativity and good people. LIC&MBA and CEMS Master’s in International Management by ESADE and MIB by ISDI. Expert in Marketing and Digital Strategy, with over 10 years of experience in brand management in various sectors such as consumer goods, hotels, services or publishing. Enthusiastic about social entrepreneurship and customer social responsibility, with a solid knowledge in both disciplines. At present, founder and executive director of a fashion brand with cause Uttopy.


Uttopy is a fashion brand with a cause. Each collection is inspired in a socio-environmental cause and helps NGOs to raise awareness and fundraise to find solutions. The goal is to encourage everyday activism and solidarity, integrating them into the day-to-day of new generations through fashion. To create each collection, we transform a cause into a positive message that raises awareness about it. This way, we encourage everyday activism so that with a simple gesture like putting a t-shirt on and sharing a story, we can all be part of the solution. All our clothing items are produced in a responsible way towards the environment and society. We make cloths with organic cotton and we print with water-based inks free of PVC, solvents and phthalates. The collaboration and partnerships are in our brand’s DNA. We encourage the collaboration with designers, influencers, NGOs and companies, that share our values and are interested in making a positive impact.


Uttopy is born from an interest to unify three personal passions: design, solidarity and sustainability. Analysing ways to support the different socio-environmental causes, we saw a gap between the proposals brought by social entities and the lifestyle of the new generations. That’s where the idea to offer a new way to help through fashion emerged. Responsible consumption proposal allows to project an image in line with ours values, and with a simple gesture like using a t-shirt and sharing a story, we can be ambassadors of causes, encouraging everyday activism and solidarity.

I’m worried about the unsustainability of the planet, inequality and the lack of values of our society. My purpose is to be part of the change encouraging conscious and responsible consumption.

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