Project: Bagloop / Boicot al plástico

I’m Juliana Maruri Londoño, I was born in Colombia and now live in Barcelona. I am a designer with masters in cultural management and a specialisation in communication and content development for sustainable projects. For a long time, I’ve worked in digital communication for big companies, but my personal inquiries directed me towards social economy and sustainability. I’m in love with the planet and its inhabitants, I have a special weakness for people and forests. The last few years of my career were dedicated to both and because of them I became an activist and entrepreneur. My objective is to generate a positive impact trough projects I manage, based on ethics and sustainable development. I have dedicated myself to the area of waste reduction and responsible consumption. Nowadays,  I run a social enterprise in line with the principals of fair commerce and circular economy. I run a citizen-led initiative that actively promotes reduction of plastic use in commerce and in big supermarkets.


Bagloop is a social company specialised in designing and manufacturing reusable and plastic-free products, sustainable and “zero waste” alternatives to replace single-use products that flood the market and create adverse environmental problems. We produce in line with a circular and local model, we mostly use nationally made recycled cotton, 100% of the production is done locally in social workshops that give jobs to woman at risk of labor exclusion. We design following a zero waste model in which we take advantage of the entire surface of fabrics so that we achieve reduction of carbon and energetic footprint to a minimum in our production line. We want to be the example in the “zero waste” national textile production, focusing on the traceability of our products and their social value.


Walking through the woods, beaches, mountains… The contamination created by single-use plastic began to impact my life a few years ago and while I was moving forward with my investigation, I understood that recycling is not a sustainable solution. In parallel, my situation as a migrating woman made me empathise with other women that live in the situation, but do not have clear opportunities for development.  This and the impotence generated by the socio-environmental problems and institutional passivity gave birth to my decision of starting a pilot project on responsible production and consumption.

Our planet is a subtle and complex systemic network in which we cohabit with an infinity of beings, among them we humans, that in a clumsy way have exploited resources and subdued species. In the middle of this,  I’m in a privileged position as a woman with an access to education, food and roof; this makes it my duty to  work for the preservation of this environment and the most vulnerable.

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