Mayor of Stockholm

Karin Wanngård has enjoyed a long political career and she entered the Stockholm City Council in 1994. Representing the Social Democratic Party she acted as Opposition Vice Mayor in 2011-2014 and during the same period also as Vice President of the City Executive Board. After the general elections in 2014 the City Council elected Karin Wanngård to be the Mayor of Stockholm.  Wanngård is President of the City Executive Board, Chair of the board of Stockholm Stadshus AB and Group leader of the Social Democratic Party in the City of Stockholm. Wanngård is also an elected member of the Executive Committee of EUROCITIES, a Co-leader of C40 Low-carbon District Network, a Champion Mayor of OECD Inclusive Growth in Cities Campaign, a member of EUcommissioner Moeda´s High-level Panel of the European Decarbonisations Pathways and a Boardmember of Strong-Cities Network.