Bike to Work Week

Kate’s connection with nature as a child slowly grew into an appreciation for and commitment to the environment. She went on to study in the field and holds an MSc degree in International Innovation (Environmental Sciences) from Lancaster University and a BSc in Environmental Biology from the University of Guelph. Kate has spent most of her career in health and environmental research, allowing her to work with leading scientists in Singapore, China, Canada, and the UK. 

Kate is excited to harness the theoretical knowledge gained from her past towards developing programs that better serve her community and the environment. Kate now works on the Bike to Work Week program at HUB Cycling, a non-profit with a mission to get more people cycling more often. Bike to Work Week has helped the region transition to a low carbon emission economy as residents choose greener, more sustainable modes of transportation. More cycling means healthier, happier, more connected communities.


Bike to Work Week is a week-long behaviour change campaign across Metro Vancouver that encourages people to choose cycling as their commute mode of choice. BTWW attracts 18,000 participants annually through its Spring and Fall bi-annual events. Since its inception in 2007, BTWW has motivated over 130,000 participants to cycle their daily commute - including 20,000 new cyclists.

Getting more people cycling ties directly into Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan to have two-thirds of trips in the city be by active transportation and transit. This event helps the region transition to a low carbon emission economy as residents choose more sustainable modes of transport. In 2020, even with the shift towards a fully digital schedule, 102,098 KGs of GHGs were saved via participants cycling to work.

This year, I am focused on retaining our current audiences and making our event more inclusive to reach disproportionately impacted communities. Through the Women 4 Climate mentorship program, I hope to learn how to attract more people to sign up for BTWW and expand my network to get new ideas and possibly cross-collaborate with participating organizations.