Project: MUSGO Baños de Bosque

As a Forest Bathing guide and Mindfulness instructor, my aim is to help people regain their natural balance, turn off the mind to be more relaxed, enjoy the present and be happier. The first years of my professional career made me know stress in the first person and know how important it is to stop it before it damages your health. Trained in business, marketing and tourism, I worked more than 8 years as a corporate events manager.

My own management of the stress helped me discover my true vocation and get in touch with mindfulness. After training at Forest Therapy Institute as a Forest Bathing guide and the University of Massachusetts as a Mindfulness instructor, I undertook two projects focused on reconnecting with nature and which I currently direct: MUSGO Forest Baths and Forest Family. Through MUSGO Baños de Bosque, I organize personalized sensory activities for companies and individuals in Barcelona.


MUSGO is a project that was created from the need to consciously regain contact with nature as a tool for self-knowledge. We live in a digitized and hyper-connected world that generates great stress and disconnects us from our most intuitive and natural side. Through the forest bathing, we seek to awaken that innate connection that we all have, quickly favoring an improvement in our physical and mental health.

Forest Bathing, also known as Shinrin Yoku, emerged in Japan during the 1980s as a way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Its success was such that, today, this technique has spread throughout the world and has numerous scientific studies that support its health benefits. At MUSGO we are focused on promoting personal growth by adding other techniques, experiences and / or activities that help those who practice it to rediscover themselves through nature.

During my stay in Costa Rica in 2016, I discovered wild places where no human being had been before. I observed many wild animals, such as the sloth bear, monkeys, wild horses, sea turtles, whales, dolphins or sharks, among many others. There I understood that we humans are part of the web of life that is made up of all the inhabitants of this planet and we cannot exist without each other. I understood that by destroying the planet we destroy ourselves as well. When I returned to Barcelona, I came across an article that spoke of an avant-garde technique from Japan that helped people to de-stress through walks in the woods. During one of the exercises that this Japanese technique proposed, I had the same feeling as on my vacations in Costa Rica, that it was a small part of something bigger, and a tear came to my eyes. Then I understood that this was just what I was looking for.

Recharge your batteries with the help of nature, spend time outdoors away from the chaos of the city, reconnect with yourself and with nature ...

What could be better?


Scientifics demonstrated that nature helps us be healthier and happier, however if we do not change our relationship with nature, soon we will have no nature.

I believe that we, humans, learn from positive experiences better than from negative ones, so I show people a wonderful world of nature, interacting with nature they can experience all these benefits on their own and this in future will change their relationship with nature.

We protect what we love, don’t we?

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