Project: Les Toits Vertige

Kimberly joined her life partner in the venture he envisioned: greening urban roofs. The idea crystallised in 2005, with the founding of Les Toits Vertige, a company specialising in green roof construction. Since day one, she has laced up her steel-toed boots to visit rooftop worksites. Over the years, she has touched on nearly every aspect of the business, from accounting, to sales and marketing. Today, in her executive role as Vice-President, she manages to balance work, couple and family life, which, in her case, are all jumbled together.


Whether for ecological reasons, urban agriculture or to transform a space into a recreational area, green roofs offer many advantages and are becoming increasingly necessary. Our mission is simple: to create small cool islands on every roof in order to improve the quality of life for urban dwellers. The growing demand for green roofs attests to the viability of our initial dream: to create cities of small urban oases.

Les Toits Vertige was the first company in Quebec to focus solely on greening roofs. Drawn to the eco-friendly concept, we knew that we had a company that would make a positive impact. It was the dawn of a green era when environmentalism was on everyone’s lips. In addition to all the environmental benefits (such as green-house gas reduction), economic and social aspects also have a role to play. Whether to help with rainwater management or to create a healthy living environment, green roofs have so much to offer.


We had all the passion and conviction we needed to stay the course. For nearly 15 years, we have worked to create small oases. As of today, we are more motivated than ever and wish to nourish the company’s culture with environmentally responsible management at every level. Our goal is to change certain habits and implement a new way of working within the company that is more respectful of the planet.

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