Project: Treasury’s Climate Change Framework

Komal is a senior investment professional with over 9 years of experience in the financial services industry. Komal has been the lead analyst for the design, build and implementation of sustainability frameworks at two large Australian asset owner investment funds. She specialises in the integration of environmental, social and governance factors within funds’ investment process and across asset classes.

In her current role as Senior Investment Stewardship Analyst at NSW Treasury Corporation, Komal manages the fund’s proxy voting activities and supports consideration of sustainability issues at a total portfolio level. Prior to joining NSW Treasury Corporation, Komal was a Responsible Investment Analyst at First State Super where she played a key role in building a Responsible Investment framework. Komal was also a Senior Governance Analyst at CGI Glass Lewis, where she provided institutional investor governance advisory on global listed equities.

Komal holds an MBA (finance), GradDip in Applied Corporate Governance as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Economics Honours.


I am working to contribute to the development of a climate risk assessment framework for TCorp’s investment portfolios and across asset classes. Activities undertaken to assess and manage climate impact on portfolios may include but is not limited to:

  1. Understanding the climate change and carbon management strategies of any carbon intensive exposures in the portfolio, and their potential to reduce emissions;
  2. Analysing the resilience of any real assets given the anticipated physical impacts of climate change including acute or severe weather incidence;
  3. Considering the energy, water and waste efficiency of assets in the portfolio;
  4. Assessing the viability and valuation of fossil fuel reserves, given the transition to a low carbon economy (e.g. stranded assets risk); and
  5. Scenario analysis assessing the impact on assets under various climate scenarios.


“Finance fuels climate”- with that belief, I am deeply motivated and committed to lead the financial services industry’s understanding of two key issues:

  1. climate risk equals financial risk
  2. financial services industry have the biggest power and a fiduciary obligation to lead an orderly transition to a low carbon economy

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