Pramod Salvi


Being an active runner and a marathoner, I take part in plogging to clear the streets and beaches during and clear trekking pathways. I've a background in Electronics & Computer engineering. List of achievements:

  • Guinness World record holder for the title of *fastest Marathon in Sari
  • Fifteen Full distance Marathons (42.2km) including the world majors and consecutive
  • Mumbai Marathon since 2013. MRR ( Mumbai Road Runners) ( “Best runner Award” for consecutive four years )
  • Comrades (89km) South Africa- 2019 & Tata Ultra 50km podium finisher
  • Certified YogaShikshak
  • ACSM ( American College of Sports Medicine) Certified Marathon Coach
  • Brand ambassador of Puma, TomTom, & Oziva Sports nutrition
  • President of Lioness Club Aurangabad for 2 consecutive years 1996- 98,
  • Member of Cabinet at Lioness Club for Environment protection.1997-98
  • Parent Committee member at German School /DSB international school-Mumbai
  • Pinkathon Ambassador for spreading the fitness and wellness of women of India



Projects undertaken include clean ups and awareness is not that impactful considering the urgency of climate crisis. I’d like to emphasis on the following projects:1. Filtration at the sewerage points: Non degradable waste in the sea enters from the sewerage points where we need to have a filter to prevent it entering into the sea.2. To offset our CO2 footprint we need to plant trees on barren lands and mountains near Mumbai or even across Maharashtra, and volunteers to adapt and maintain it.3. create awareness and mindfulness about the 'climate crisis and prevention' by promoting in widespread communities reaching to every individual.4. Adapting the wetlands and saving the mangroves.

Having spent my early years in various parts of Maharashtra I have been close to nature all the time. As an ambassador for Pinkathon, I train women at the park near Girgaon beach in South Mumbai. The connection with the trees in the park and the sea shoreitself called us to take action towards its maintenance. so, we arranged regular beach clean ups. We also did a couple of clean up treks at the mountain peaks, where we noticed the plastic litter at places out of our reach, same with the beaches. Then the realization of a bigger force arose. We need mechanized power to firstly undo those mistakes. And create awareness about disposing the waste responsibly. It has to begin right from childhood education. So, we created Sea fins, where it’s a collective effort by volunteers who are from various backgrounds joining us for the clean ups and creating awareness. “Ecopurple’ is another group of trekkers for cleaning trekking spots. We live at Malabar hill-Mumbai which is quiet green compared to other parts of Mumbai. However, some new construction projects of high rise towers are worry some in this CRZ area. I’ve witnessed The chopping of old huge trees mercilessly in the earlier years. I’m also a part of ‘Savetrees’ organization.Personally, my husband is an environmentalist who has planted more than 10,000 trees in his private land at the Coastal area of Ratnagiri, Aurangabad and Goa. We strongly believe that saving wetlands and Mangroves will protect life on the land and water. Improving Green cover over the barren lands is a must.


Being in a family of athletes, we value air quality the most. We are concerned about the nature and environment around us. The place where we live is surrounded by the sea from three sides, and we can see the marine life on the shore is missing. The seaside has become the garbage dump yard by the hutment dwellers. Sea swimming is highly impossible in such water. We are limited to cycling or running only during the early hours of the day as there is no bike or running-friendly infrastructure in Mumbai, yet. For sustainability, we need to be conscious and mindful of the resources we use. Theoretically, everyone may be exposed to some sort of sustainability, but our aim is to implement that in our life consistently. ‘Don’t do it if you can’t undo it’. It’s the simplest mantra for any damage we are doing to our planet. Our education system needs to include this subject right from toddlers to get it implemented throughout the life ahead.

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