Project: Restaurants TABOO Cuisine Rebelle

Laurence Gaudreau-Pépin is the marketing VP and the co-owner & co-founder of the restaurants TABOO Cuisine Rebelle. Laurence studied marketing at the University of Quebec in Montreal and started her MBA in digital marketing at Laval University last year. She’s passionate about entrepreneurial marketing in general.


The concept is an original one. TABOO Cuisine Rebelle is not afraid to think outside the box and to cook against the flow of minimalist cuisine, to offer a menu with multiple choices and an experience out of the ordinary. TABOO Cuisine Rebelle currently has two branches, in L’Assomption and Montreal city center, and the business is looking to expand in Quebec, and even, soon, in other regions of Canada.

It is thanks to Laurence's work on the digital presence of TABOO Cuisine Rebelle that the business now counts more than 30,000 followers on social media et that the website receives more than 8,000 views per month. Laurence is currently involved in both restaurants’ day to day activities, working with their staff while developing the chain and overseeing all marketing activities.


We all take part in climate change and it is necessary for us to change our operations and lifestyle to adopt practices that are safer for our environment. We welcome thousands of people in our restaurants each week and we know that we can make a difference at a local level to inspire and educate our stakeholders to do the same. Thanks to Women4Climate, we look forward to receiving support from our mentor and to implement her recommendations and new processes that will ensure the environment is an integral part of our commercial activities. We would also like to implement a composting system that will reduce food waste in our restaurants.

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