Project: Prével

Laurence Vincent is co-president of Prével, a family business with more than 100 employees. Over the past 15 years, she has been actively involved in the construction of several of Prével's 11,000 housing units and the development of outstanding projects in Montréal. Recognised for her contribution to urban development and homeownership, Laurence is committed to creating environments that foster human interaction and promote family living in the core of downtown. In March 2019, Prével was awarded the Manufacturer of the Year Award by APCHQ. Laurence sits on the Board of Directors of Vivre en Ville as well as the Quebec Urban Development Institute and chairs the Housing Committee. Laurence is the author of the book Bâtir Montréal à la table 45, published by Éditions du Septentrion.


At Prével, sustainable development is at the forefront of every project. Their homes populate neighbourhoods close to public transport; use less building materials than typical dwellings; and have considerable energy savings through considerations such as LED lighting and good waste management practices. Encouraging relationships among residents promotes a lifestyle of shared values through designed common spaces, with abundant vegetation and surface water to improve quality of living. Prével developments are also starting to invest in urban agriculture.

The sustainability philosophy at Prével is multifaceted: considering environmental, social, and economic issues. Laurence hopes this will resonate throughout the organisation by implementing forward-thinking management practices led by an eco-responsible committee. She aims to leave as little a footprint as possible by adopting and promoting responsible practices daily.


We’re dedicated to becoming sustainability ambassadors and, in doing so, provide communities with the right tools to adopt our principles. When the neighbourhoods we develop embrace our philosophy, we all begin making smarter, healthier decisions together, thus creating a better world.

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