Project: Collartz

I’m Lidia Pitzalis, Italian of Cerdeña from Turin. I have lived in England, Scotland and Spain. Until now, my trajectory has always involved technology. I have worked in the European Developers Program of Apple and Multimedia Technical Service of Macromedia, in Edinburgh. I co-founded the video game magazine GamesReview in Madrid, I have been one of the responsible people for Communication, Marketing and Product Management of Microsoft in Spain. Nowadays, I collaborate as an expert consultant in Education with HP Spain. 


In October 2017, I made a radical turn in my life: I decided to go around the world. A trip aboard, to explore countries like Brazil, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Indonesia and many more. What did I want to do?  What was my real passion? What if? What if suddenly I could retake my own path? And that’s how Collatz was born. I consider myself as a tough traveler, I’ve always combined the exploration of places off the beaten path, with an experience of volunteering in projects with children, animals in danger of extinction as well as in projects in marine and land conservation. The conservation of land and sea are my priority. Hence, the mission of Collatz is to ensure that the Joyas Sostenibles de Diseño (Sustainably Designed Jewels) turn into pure beauty. Made with recycled materials. Looking for designers that make their creations by hand as much as possible, in collaboration with expert craftsmen from developing countries. I have my own line of Joyas de Diseño (Designed Jewels) from bicycle recycled tyres. Also, I’m developing a line of jewellery made out of recycled sea plastic.


Through my trips around the world and working in volunteering projects focused on land conservation and people empowerment, I have reinforced my commitment to use things for the second time, to give second opportunities to people and to the fair treatment of the whole production and value chain. After my trip around the world where I collaborated on different volunteering projects, I decided to change my life and reinvent myself, I created Collatz with a sustainable vision as the main pillar for the approach in this project.

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