Carol Jazmín
Castillo Suta


Carol is from Villa El Salvador, Lima, and was born in this city 28 years ago. She has participated in neighbourhood, women's and environmental spaces in her district. She runs a citizen environmental clinic as a means to provide information and environmental guidance to neighbours. Her decision to become an environmental engineer was motivated by her desire to positively transform the city. Specialized in Territorial Environmental Management at the local level, with work experience in public entities, local governments and environmental consultancies. Coordinator of "Caserita Cartonera", a publishing cooperative that uses cardboard as an editorial support to tell the history of neighbourhoods and to recover urban waste. I like to read, create cardboard art and travel.


CLIMÁTICA is a project that aims to promote access to information, participation and climate justice for women in two fundamental spaces in the neighbourhoods of Villa El Salvador: markets and parks. Markets and parks are prioritized for being spaces of social interaction where women intervene.

It has two components:

  • Citizen Environmental Clinic: Virtual and physical platform for the residents of Villa El Salvador providing traininig on environmental issues and climate change affecting directly markets and parks.
  • Laboratory of community ideas: The generated information helps to collaboratively create sustainable ideas and tangible measures for climate change adaptation in markets and neighbourhood parks.

CLIMÁTICA’s aim is for the local women to generate information and receive guidance on climate issues to inform their ideas and the implementation of adaptation actions in markets and parks as fundamental spaces for them and their development. Women in urban neighbourhoods are the engine of the fight against climate change in cities.


My motivation is my reality. Since I was a child, I’ve been passionate about fighting for a more sustainable and just planet. When I grew up, I realised that my neighbourhood and my city are spaces that are being contaminated. For this reason, I undertook various actions to achieve a collective transformation in the city. I believe that the fight against climate change is not only about its environmental aspect, but it also has to do with the daily plate of food (economy), with public spaces and how we move around the city to work, study or walk (social). I seek to contribute to the fight of the neighbourhoods in the city of Lima against climate change by generating collective and local actions.