Cita Roducinda
Santiago Paucar

Project: Tree Planting with Families

Cita is from Huancavelica. She is 65 years old, married with 2 children: Karina and Sergio. At 8 years old, she left her hometown and finished the secondary school at the age of 21, in Lima. She then pursued higher technical education as a Fashion Designer. She moved in to the “El Universo” association in San Juan de Miraflores 36 years ago when it was still sandy, excited by the dream of her own house. In 1991, she started working in her community as a Health Promoter, eradicating the cholera epidemic. In 2002, she assumed the presidency of her community and maintains it until today. As a woman president, she has experienced inequality due to machismo culture. With time, she’s gained confidence and is hopeful for gender equality in the future. She volunteers the Communal Library “My Universe” and is the president of the local “Collective of Women Working Against Climate Change” which unites women representatives from grassroots organisations.


The “Tree Planting with Families” project is an initiative of the local Women's Collective that aims to educate grassroots organisations’ leaders from 6 areas of San Juan de Miraflores district about the importance of tree planting in the city. These leaders will be invited to gather families from their community and motivate them to get involved. 300 trees will be planted, and 30 vertical gardens created largely using recycled materials. The project will be carried out in 4 stages:

  • Awareness: through raising awareness we aim to engage families in tree planting activities. We will share knowledge on tree types that don’t require much water which is scarce in our district.
  • Generation of compost: we will teach how to generate food to nourish your tree, select organic waste and a compost box.
  • Tree-planting: we will accompany the process of planting and naming trees.
  • Monitoring: weekly, monthly and yearly. One way to motivate families to continue caring for trees will be to teach them to create vertical gardens, so they can see the short-term results.

The impact will be on improving the health of our neighbours, reducing carbon dioxide in the environment and reducing global warming.

Our community group sees day by day the lack of environmental awareness of neighbours who prioritise construction regardless of the impact on green spaces. Our district has 1.65 m2 of green areas per person, while WHO recommends 9 m2 per person.


Our motivation is to care for and conserve Mother Earth and our environment. I am excited to continue learning to convey to my colleagues and my community why and how to achieve this care and love for the Earth. Our aim is to leave a more liveable and sustainable city for the future generations. We are sure that we can transform San Juan de Miraflores into a green district. We will achieve this by planting tree by tree.