Liseth Leslie
León Castro

Project: BiciTERRA

I was born in Lima, 35 years ago, I lived my childhood among many children playing ball, being the typical restless girl who was always seen riding a bicycle or swimming on the beaches. My parents awoke my love for nature when they always took us for walks in the countryside, which led me to study Environmental Engineering. I had the great experience of working for 10 years in the mining sector, in various regions of the interior of the country. I started a small company and a business that taught me the reality of entrepreneurship but did not exceed the year. I am a person who likes to learn and know, this led me to Barcelona to study a Master of Science, visiting different places in Europe and Asia for 2 years. Upon returning to Peru, I brought many wishes to undertake sustainable projects and contribute to the development of my city, country and the world.


BiciTERRA objective is to stimulate sustainable mobility in Lima, reinserting unused bicycles and incentivising their use through awareness programs and the application of the principles of the circular economy, under the three-R approach. REPAIR: create mechanic workshops and road safety awareness programs to take it to all of Lima. RECYCLE - REUSE: through collection campaigns of deteriorated or unused bicycles they are captured, repaired and adapted by us, to finally be donated to women who have to move to their work centres or make purchases (recyclers, cleaning public). In addition, be delivered to children, in awareness campaigns and road safety education. If we stimulate and encourage bicycles to roll onto the streets on the new infrastructure that is being implemented in Lima, it is possible to stop emitting around 0.75 million tons of CO2 per year, this is equivalent to more than half of the emissions that were no longer carried into the atmosphere during the first month of the state of emergency. Also, promote it as an alternative to avoid risks of harassment in public transport.

This initiative originated when I was a girl with a broken bicycle on the terrace of my house, when I climbed on it, I imagined myself flying around the world, when I learned to drive it, I discovered that I could make those trips a reality, but on land. I never had a new bicycle, I come from a humble family who could not afford it, but my father built the best bicycle from others that were damaged. In Europe, I revived and consolidated my love for the bicycle, motivating myself to propose initiatives to bring the bicycle to those who cannot acquire it, and provide moments of happiness and health.


Every time I know more about our environment, when I find out about current issues like climate change,  when I discover solution proposals from scientists or ordinary people who want to join the change to stop the catastrophic panorama of climate change; I am inspired and motivated to contribute with initiatives and spread that spirit to other people. I am a vegetarian, I stopped using a private vehicle, I am lucky to move on a bicycle and I do not intend to leave it and at home we make compost. That is my commitment, to continue contributing personally and trying to induce other people to improve their habits.