Rosa Elena
Bejarano Hidalgo

Project: Finder

Social communicator, specialist in Branding and Brand Management, passionate about building brands with purpose. CEO and Founder of Finder, a Peruvian startup in social innovation and the environment with a focus on the reuse and recycling of objects. With more than three years of experience in startups in the Brazilian market. Currently Fundraiser & Corporate Relations in the NGO Tejiendo Sonrisas & Cesvi Foundazione, with three lines of action: environment, childhood, vulnerable women and social entrepreneurship.


Finder is the first web platform in Peru that facilitates and gives more people access to the reuse and recycling of objects. We are a platform that helps people to reuse and recycle objects they no longer use. We aim to promote sustainable and responsible consumption habits based on the circular economy in Metropolitan Lima (as the first pilot). Our impact from climate change is extremely large: through reuse we prevent large amounts of CO2 from being generated in the environment (we have a challenge in the first year of preventing the generation of close to 47,000 Kg of CO2 with the reuse of 52,200 objects ), with recycling we intend to increase the amount of solid waste that is used, which is less than 2% only in Lima.

We are a team of two women who have always used and continue to use second-class items; but one day we feel the need to create a completely different space from what exists today, that facilitates re-use among people through buying and selling. After analysing the social, environmental and economic impact of our initiative in Peru, we decided to complete the value chain and add recycling as part of our social action since all the products collected as a donation will be delivered at no cost to 10 recyclers beneficiaries of Villa El Salvador.


As a citizen, I feel committed to being an agent of change and generate a positive impact from my actions. I am aware that climate change cannot be avoided, but it is possible to reduce its effects and combat them with initiatives such as Finder's, hand in hand with local governments, private companies and communities. I am a woman because of the weather and today I am here because I want to take care of that 2% and I want to invite people to give use to what they no longer use with Finder for a Peru and a greener world.

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