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Graduated in Architecture and having worked in London in the finance sector for over 7 years’ my greatest passion have always been animal welfare, nutrition, and people’s well-being. Throughout the last 5 years, I invested a lot of time in studying nutrition - the impact of plant-based diets in our health and environment. I continuously shared that knowledge on my blog and promoted a number of vegan events and I can say that I have been a true advocate of the principles of a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle, and so, in 2018 I decided to create Veond - an app that gives consumers the chance of finding unique and 100% cruelty-free and ethical solutions worldwide. This app helps people not just seeing the benefits of this lifestyle but also understand the greater impact of their choices in the environment. By highlighting the ways in which veganism can be cost-effective, Veond believes that consumers will act more consciously when deciding what to eat, wear and do. 


The high consumption of meat and dairy produce is fuelling global warming. Agriculture accounts for about a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. Livestock rearing contributes to global warming through the methane gas the animals produce, but also via deforestation to expand pastures, for example. So, switching to a complete vegan lifestyle is at the roots of helping fight climate change and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Veond encourages people to make a step towards sustainability by investing in a life without meat consumption and any other animal-based products and by-products. 

With this mentoring I hope to be able to learn practices that will put me in a position to negotiate with brands better partnerships, to give people the solutions they need to invest in a more sustainable life – i.e. stronger partnerships with restauranteurs, operators, brands and service providers. Also, with the right network I will be able to develop my marketing skills and strategies, reaching not just a wider audience but also possible new team members and collaborations. 

After being vegan for a couple of years and realising that all the alternatives for a kinder & greener life were already out there, we felt the need to create a trustworthy aggregator of everything that would make this lifestyle easier. The solutions were out there but the journey was many times unclear and unfriendly. 

Veond is therefore the brainchild of two Portuguese entrepreneurs, Flor (founder) and Alex (Co-Founder), who struggled to find useful information and product offers that were compatible with their plant-based preferences and eco-friendly lifestyles. 


It has been confirmed that veganism is one of the biggest ways to reduce our impact on Earth. Encouraging people to reflect and act consciously on what they eat, wear and do is my commitment. By presenting more affordable solutions on ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives Veond will make this lifestyle financially agile, and more accessible to people all over the world. This will contribute to the end of animal exploitation and will give confidence to more and more brands, companies, and services to invest in kinder and more eco-friendly solutions to preserve the home we all live in. 

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