Project: Tellus

A trained Talent Manager and Change Management professional Portuguese woman, with a passion for all life in this multiverse.

After studying Business Psychology in Lisbon, I went on to work in London in the IT and Publishing sectors. I returned to Portugal after 4 years, where I started my career in the hospitality sector. I then moved to East Timor to develop my consultancy skills, and went on to work in Angola and Mozambique as a certified trainer.

I am now an entrepreneur, and I am a managing partner of my own business since 2017. I have started my own start-up project, Tellus – Rethinking Tourism, and I am an advocate for Circular Economy and environmental issues.

I have moved home 21 times, I have 6 dogs and 1 cat, I am married with no children. I guess you can say I can’t sit still too long, although I am a firm believer in creating roots and connecting with the world around you,


In accordance with the objectives of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 ‘Environment Programme’, our project is aimed at enhancing the application of Circular Economy principles in key target sectors, specifically in the construction and tourism sectors.

Our goal is to build a sustainable tourism pilot-facility, based on circular economy concepts, from the ground up – design, construction and user experience – that is the lighthouse for dissemination of policies which support a shift in resource utilisation towards sustainability in the tourism industry & promoting the dissemination of the policies established in the UN Climatic Summit 2019.

Our promise is to prioritise circularity values and environmental protection, viewed not as an obstacle, but as an added value for a sustainable business model. Our main goal is to show it is possible to change the game in the tourism industry, aligning environmental and economic interests.

Our Vision is the promotion and development of circular economy for sustainable tourism with a social impact, as well as promoting Portugal as a sustainable tourism destination, with a differentiated and up- scale offer based on Circular Economy.

With Tellus, we want to promote a change in the way people look at & experience tourism, through the creation of a sustainable tourism pilot facility that supports a shift in resource utilisation, towards sustainability.

The continuous search for sustainable holiday facilities that allow for sustainable holidays has been what led me to create this project. A dream about a place where you can rest, unwind, learn and be away from big crowds, but still in a comfortable environment.


When I was 10 years old my parents offered me a book about environmentalism. It was the late 80s and this was about to become a trendy topic. I started reading and learning and caring for all life around me. Creating a sustainable planet is not a choice. It is an imperative goal that we must achieve, because there is no Plan(net) B. My commitment to making this planet better and more sustainable is of my daily efforts - be it when I shop, when I compost, when I make a vegan dinner for friends, or try to raise awareness around me about these issues.