Leila Sharifi &
Nasrin Seyedi

Project: SILVA


I am Leila. I love people and the planet and believe the world is full of beauties, but that does not prevent me from seeing poverty, all kinds of inequalities, environmental problems, etc. in the world. However, like many people, I am optimistic about the future; we can build a better future by learning from the past. I have a degree in computer science and I am currently a senior researcher in the field of sustainable computing and I am very interested in entrepreneurship. I believe every system for the future should be designed considering sustainability from an extensive perspective including social, economic and environmental impact. Social and economic fairness, elimination of racial and sexual discrimination, as well as a diverse, dynamic and happy society can be among the achievements of a sustainable world of the future. I am looking to start a company with these ideals. I hope I can take a small step in this direction and make an impact on the present and future generations.


As a child, I dreamed of a good job. After a lot of hard work and time, I finally became a university professor in the field of natural resources at the age of 30. I was satisfied with my job, but I was constantly worried about the future of students. I did, I gave hope and motivation and my motto was always a lot of effort. During all this time my supervisor in Portugal radiated kindness all over my life, she was a real influencer. Then, after an event and acquaintance with my dear friends who changed the way I look around me, I took a step towards a great change: entrepreneurship.

Where I can respond to the good deeds of my supervisor, by making an impact both on society and the environment, this is called a good job, yes, it is a childhood dream.


For home/handmade fashion lovers who care about sustainability, have difficulty in finding each other in the market and should pay for expensive products, SILVA is a place that gives access to these unique and authentic products with value deal prices. We aim at empowering home/handmade businesses by elevating them to responsible businesses with transparent and trackable supply chains which produce sustainable value deal products by optimizing their production line. Unlike other home/handmade marketplaces, SILVA redefines sustainability and boosts it three-fold by putting environmental friendliness, as well as social and economic impact together. 

We develop a platform beyond an online marketplace to help home/handmade fashion lovers connect, share experience/knowledge as well as buy and sell while they are aware of the sustainability impact of their activities and have an opportunity to promote their impact through SILVA as a sustainability Hub. In SILVA, everyone has a sustainability profile which records the sustainability of their activities in the platform. Moreover, we associate a dynamic sustainability score to each person and product employing key, tangible and easy to measure indicators which considers all accessible aspects of sustainability. 

Having more than 10 years of experience in distributed systems, we believe that Peer-to-Peer is the future of every system including the human communities. Hence, SILVA relies on a Peer-to-Peer model derived from the society which contributed to local development with world class effect in a bottom up approach by standing on the shoulders of skillful, talented and creative people. We belong to everyone; people from different cultures and ethnicities with different tastes. In SILVA, everyone can start their own home and local business with little investment and make it visible all over the world through the Internet.


In SILVA silent values are brought to the market which helps to conserve the ecosystem by working from home, less driving, local access and optimal use of home potential. SILVA promotes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. The most important achievement is maximizing the efficiency of resources and abilities to create the added value from ignored sources. In fact, SILVA provides chances to create job opportunities and helps environment protection; all these happen via developing sustainability culture in this platform.

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