Filiz Parlak

Project: Bluedot Technologies

I'm a high energy, creative entrepreneur, passionate about working on peer to peer systems and users to produce requirements and specifications that accurately reflect business needs and are technologically achievable. I love building new systems based on theoretical knowledge- starting from the blank whiteboard or with few points and transforming it into something truly helps people and environment. Having a software startup background for more than three years within my academic life and, had a chance to work in the business area in both theoretical and applied approaches. I'm passionate about using data in product development, peer to peer platforms and product-market fit mostly from a business development perspective. 


Bluedot connects all EV-drivers and chargers in one app enabling you to share your charger located at any spot! We're breaking down the barriers around charging by offering one single entry point instead of the long list of charging cards, apps, different providers. We love new technologies that perfectly go with the environment and we aim to transform transportation by getting everyone behind the wheel of an EV. Driving electric is one of the three things that you can do for your reducing carbon footprint and by providing more charging units in one app, we facilitate people to decrease more than 2.000.000 metric tons of CO2 at the end of 2022. 

Getting 1st place win at Turkey’s 2018 Google Android Academy, we had the chance to visit Silicon Valley which opened up our perspective toward these beautifully designed and environmentally friendly ELECTRIC CARS! There, we’ve started our journey. Initiating something that can open up the question of “What is next?” with the newest technology and mixture peer to peer technology drove my passion towards creating innovative solutions in this area. 


I was born in 1998, the time when world was gearing up for a huge milestone — and I was one of them making it as the global population was sitting at 5.9 billion. More and more people are living in cities and, the Internet has changed the way we do almost everything. I have been witnessing how sharing economy has created markets out of things that wouldn't have been considered as valuable assets in the past by providing people with opportunity to monetize their free time and under used assets. It has shifted the balance of power to the point where someone with a spare room has the ability to create a peer-powered business with virtually no overhead. Reflecting all these things, I want “Be the change that I wish to see in the world.” 

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