Project: Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading

Anna is a Research student at University College London focusing her work on peer-to-peer energy trading systems and how they could be used to promote balancing services on the local grid.

Prior to that, Anna completed her BEng in Engineering with Business Administration in Germany participating in a work-study placement in collaboration with the automotive company Bosch. During this period, she had the chance to apply her theoretical knowledge in a practical environment working in different departments of manufacturing processes.

She then decided to pursue her Master Degree at University College London in Engineering with Innovation and Entrepreneurship to learn about next-generation technology with her final project on modelling a blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading platform. With a great interest in this highly innovative topic, she decided to continue her research in Energy and Blockchain by joining the UCL Energy Institute.

Anna is working part-time for the UCL Centre of Blockchain Technologies. She is currently in her 1st year of the 4-year PhD programme completing an MRes in Energy Demand Studies.



Since I arrived in London I have been surrounded by highly motivated, inspiring and skilled students, professionals and academics which influenced me on how I think about the environment and what we can change to treating it better.

I believe that meeting the targets of the Paris Climate agreement is important for us as a society. Reducing emissions and changing the way people deal with waste and consume energy is one of the many important issues we have to tackle. However, I am convinced that besides a changed mindset and improved behaviour we need new approaches and business ideas which can speed up the process and generate value.

Designing peer-to-peer energy trading systems can significantly contribute to that by decarbonising our electricity making use of locally generated energy. At the same time, this can allow decentralisation of the energy market. Nevertheless, we have to be aware that not some but many have to profit from these new concepts. Finishing my studies in 4 years I hope to enter the business market myself and become part of the change using the experience I gained during my research.

I am very grateful for the chance to be part of the Woman4Climate Mentoring Programme. It is a unique opportunity for me to connect with professionals who care about our impact on climate and learn from their advice and experiences and hopefully create a strong network for the future.