Project: Edenera

Originally from Singapore, of Maldivian and Chinese Singaporean heritage, Lina has just finished her MSc Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL.


She is a plant-based food entrepreneur. Her startup Edenera has just launched an organic and 100% additive free powdered vegan milk packed in 100% compostable packaging. She was inspired to create a solution to the 360,000 tonnes of dairy milk that goes to waste in the UK each year, and also a more sustainable vegan milk alternative. She is passionate about combatting climate change by providing consumers with alternatives that taste great, are better for their health, the planet, and our fellow creatures. Being of Maldivian heritage, and having survived the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, she saw first-hand how vulnerable her country is to the effects of climate change, as waves destroyed and the sea instantly took over much of the country, 80% of which is less than 1m above sea level.

Lina is really excited to be a part of the Women4Climate Mentorship Programme and says: "I feel grateful and deeply honoured to have been selected as a Women4Climate mentee. Being of part Maldivian heritage, one of the lowest lying countries in the world, and growing up with a passion for marine life, combatting climate change is a cause that is very dear to my heart. I look forward to learning from my mentor and fellow mentees, and to making the best of the opportunities that present themselves, so as to better serve my community, and be a more effective agent of change."

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