Project: myTEA

Born in Taiwan and raised in sunny Los Angeles, Tina pursued her M.B.A. at Imperial College Business School with goals to positively impact the environment.  With her passion for sustainability and clean technologies, Tina explored a range of climate change-focused business concepts from decreasing usage of single-use plastic items to developing circular economies and reducing waste.  As a motivated female entrepreneur, she is grateful to participate in the W4C Mentorship Programme and says, “I'm so excited to take part in the mentoring programme and look forward to developing my project with the guidance of my mentor to ultimately fight climate change.”


Inspired by Taiwanese bubble tea flavours and British tea drinking culture, Tina desired to combine various elements from the two cultures into a healthy, well-balanced tea latte beverage that is as tasTEA as it is empowering.  During market research, she struggled to find healthy ready-to-drink tea lattes in supermarkets – all she could find were sugary, artificially-flavoured tea that were simply soft drinks in disguise.  So, she decided to tackle this problem with the creation of myTEA is Mighty!

myTEA’s mission is to support both physical and mental wellbeing initiatives as well as implement sustainable packaging and circular economy through a triple bottom line business model.  Utilising eco-friendly glass bottles, the start-up would like to promote reuse by creating a bottle deposit scheme and encouraging upcycling techniques.  For the supply chain, myTEA is working with Fairtrade and organic suppliers that share its vision of pesticide-free farming and fair pay for farmers.

Research shows that our physical wellbeing affects our mental wellbeing and vice versa.  That’s why myTEA’s wholesome vegan tea lattes are real-brewed with Fairtrade and organic ingredients.  myTEA is Mighty because it not only creates natural, healthy drinks but also empowers us through its “me time, tea time, any time” values.  In today’s busy world, it’s important to find time for ourselves and take tea breaks to achieve mindfulness in order to live and work productively.  So, drink myTEA.  Be Mighty!  And welcome to the myTEA CommuniTEA.

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