Project: Simple Gestures

Madeleine advocates for sustainability personally and through her work. In particular, she has a strong interest in connecting and engaging individuals in more sustainable behaviours. Madeleine currently works as Team and Communications Coordinator at the Investor Group on Climate Change, where she coordinates communications, website management, event management and team logistics.

Madeleine is an active volunteer for Good On You and OzHarvest. These experiences volunteering have enabled her to gain experience in project management, copy writing and sustainability development within the community. In June 2019, Madeleine was selected to join the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training program, where she further developed her communication and leadership skills.

Madeleine has a creative background, studying Design in Photography (Honours) at the University of Technology Sydney, where her research focused on artists whose works addressed environmentalism and human relationships with the environment. While at university Madeleine taught critical writing, design and photography as part of the postgraduate studies. Her research area and love of teaching led to her passion for positively influencing action on climate change.


Simple Gestures will be the first stop for people who want to live their lives more sustainably. It will fill the gap for those who want to commit to reducing their environmental footprint, but don't know where to begin. 

The platform will simplify, aggregate and promote the multitude of existing resources for personal sustainability. The platform will empower and engage individuals and communities across all stages of personal sustainability to help them make a greater positive impact in helping stop climate change, reduce consumption and increase their reuse over single use items.

Making such lifestyle changes aren’t always easy, but Simple Gestures will give everyday people the right tools to do more and realise the potential of individual action as a key solution to climate change.


My motivation stems from the actions, initiatives and innovations that are available to us globally to contribute to the fight against climate change, at a time when collective action is crucial. I am committed to helping individuals connect with information and each other, and be a part of the solution to climate change.

When I talk to people about sustainability, I am continuously faced with the same comment: “I want to do more to be sustainable, I just don’t know where to start”. This led me to realise there is a huge gap between those already engaging with sustainability initiatives and those who would like to get involved but don’t know where to go to take the first step. This is where providing a gateway for people is essential, by condensing existing information into an easily accessible hub. I know how useful this process has been for me and want to share what I have learnt.

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