Project: Clobe Connect

I am the founder of Clobe Connect, a company that connects clean technology companies with businesses & investors through its Clobe Platform.

Before starting Clobe in 2021, I had more than a decade of experience in the energy industry with organizations like Shell and Essar Energy. Having worked in three continents, I have rich experience leading country business units developing new business partnerships, corporate strategy, and mergers & acquisitions. During my career, I worked on several techno-commercial assessments of alternate energy solutions and became a strong advocate of energy transition towards a low carbon future.

I have a Master’s in Business Administration and am currently pursuing the Climate Change Policy and Corporate Response program from the University of Toronto. I also started Clobe Research, the publishing arm of Clobe that focuses on insights on climate and cleantech. The highlight of this initiative is the Spotlight series that features extraordinary clean technology companies and their founder’s journey.


Clobe Connect is a Canada-based company that connects clean technology companies with businesses & investors through the Clobe Platform. The Clobe Platform is the first global web-based platform that aims to create the largest ecosystem of cleantech players globally, bringing together cleantech solution providers at all stages of maturity, businesses, investors, and industry partners for R&D collaboration.

I firmly believe that technology is going to play a critical role in fighting climate change. The challenge of limiting global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions cannot be achieved with only one solution but several innovative technologies all over the world. Our mission at Clobe Connect is to expedite the deployment of clean technology solutions by making the process of finding the right cleantech provider efficient, effective, and at a considerably low search cost. Hosting companies worldwide, the platform aims to remove regional barriers and create a global solution to fight a global problem.

My parents live in Delhi, and every year when I went home, I saw the air quality deteriorating. In 2019, the air quality index (AQI) in Delhi reached 500+ (anything >100 is unhealthy and >300 is hazardous), and frequent reports of floods, wildfires, and other climaterelated disasters were coming in from all over the world. That is when I realized that climate change is not happening decades later but affecting us now and everywhere. I started researching the science behind climate change, the trends over the years, and the magnitude of its impact. This is when I discovered my connect and decided to contribute to the fight to limit global warming and quit my job to work towards this cause.

Understanding the energy industry and having evaluated climate technologies, I knew how vital technology would be in fighting climate change. The problem is that the existing breakthrough technologies are not getting deployed at the pace the world needs. Cleantech companies struggle to find customers, and businesses spend a lot of time finding the right cleantech partner. Search cost is very high, and the process is ineffective. I knew I had to find a solution to this problem, and that is how Clobe Connect was born.


We are seeing increased severity and frequency of climate disasters in all parts of the world that we are not prepared to face. What we do as humans in this decade will determine the survival of our generations to come. We need drastic transformations in all spheres of life and deploy innovative technologies to create a sustainable future.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Clobe derived from "Clean Globe" is my contribution to fighting climate change and is the purpose I have committed to working towards to the best of my ability.

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