Maria Rosa
Gamarra Cespedes

Project: BetterKnowledge4all

Maria Rosa Gamarra C. works promoting Sustainability Management and Knowledge Sharing, implementing online courses and programs, with more than 15 years of successful experience at global, regional, binational, national and local levels. She worked with leading organizations (banking, plastics, international trade, natural products, agroecology, software development companies; cooperation for development agencies; universities; etc.) and within networks and projects. 

Since 2008 she got involved in comparative regional research projects in Latin America.  Thus, in 2008 she was in charge of a National Case Study in Brazil ("Spaces for Engagement: Using knowledge to improve pro poor policies" of GDNet) and in 2013 was in charge of another National Case Study in Bolivia (Green Growth and Inclusion, mining, energy and agricultural sectors; LATN Network project, coordinated by FLACSO Argentina, funded by IRDC Canada). She created a private "Knowledge Hub" model focusing on Innovation and Technological Development and is working on Circular Economy issues in Barcelona (Spain), using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.


BetterKnowledge4all uses Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to strengthen the Sustainability value chain. We  advise companies and industries to increase their revenues, improving their insertion in the market, if they focus on Sustainability. Sustainable Development Goals (which are supposed to be met until 2030) to better manage Climate Change challenges, have to do with such serious issues as rising temperatures, the impact of which is, for example, droughts that could cause the death of 7.6 million people. But there are also the increase in storms, the spread of diseases, the melting of glaciers which impacts on reduced water availability, and so on.

These objectives, which encompass many critical aspects, also point to responsible production and consumption, and this implies a huge and very challenging paradigm shift in services and products.  It is a mandate to which BetterKnowledge4all has much to contribute.

I have been working for more than 20 years in the technology sector and for 15 years supporting sustainability management, first hired by the same university where I studied this subject in Germany and later supporting many global and regional, national projects and programs of cooperation for development.  I believe not only in lifelong learning (and therefore I have continued my education and deepened my knowledge) but also in the practical application of this knowledge, particularly for the common good. This has to do with values instilled by my father, who was a great promoter of inclusion in the educational sector.



From the perspective of my values and education, I see the world as part of a system and as the sum of many sub-systems. I believe that in order to understand not only how it works (and from that to understand ourselves better!) but also how to respond to all the small and big challenges we face every day, it is necessary to use the most advanced knowledge and the best of technology to create many bridges, which is what I learned to create and am very motivated to share for the common good.

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