Project: La Corbeille Bordeaux-Cartierville

Marie France has been in working in food and beverage industry for over 26 years. She started from scratch as an employee at a local snack-bar and she quickly became the owner of a large restaurant. Her extensive experience has been acquired by proudly going up the job ladder, giving her the necessary tools and skills to advance.  This young manager always valued everyone she worked with and cared for the well-being of the people surrounding her.  Therefore she is very well appreciated and has a solid reputation in this industry.


She recently joined the Festigoût Caterer, the social economy program of La Corbeille of Bordeaux-Cartierville, in November 2018 as a Catering Director. She was immediately seduced by the human aspect of the organisation’s mission to provide food security to the people of that neighbourhood. 

Marie France’s project is to significantly reduce Festigoût Caterer’s, a social economy programme, ecological impact by attempting to abolish the non-recoverable packaging products as much as possible. She wants to position her group as an educated caterer concerned by the origin of its food; using its resources intelligently and nearing the zero-waste method as much as possible.  Several ideas and solutions are being analysed at the moment to ensure their viability before they are implemented.  Marie-France’s team is young, dynamic and very motivated to achieve these goals. 


Marie France’s commitment to the program builds on her awareness of the urgency to take a stand for our environment’s survival.  Her many travels around the globe made her realise that our planet is not doing well. Nevertheless, she firmly believes that even the smallest gesture on everybody’s part would make a big difference. Practicing what she preaches, Marie-France wants to educate herself to bring this vision to life not only in her personal life but in her field of work as well.