Project: ACCENTA

Marine is a senior executive with 25-year international experience in performance enhancement and business development in the utilities and environmental services industry. Her career has led her from waste disposal to water and wastewater management to energy services across European, North American, Middle-Eastern and African countries, whether for utility operators or for consulting firms. Over these years she has directed projects for a variety of local authorities and private clients.

In her latest assignments for the Veolia group, Marine has developed specific experience of the energy production and services businesses, respectively in Gabon, where she has directed customer services and IT for SEEG, and in Italy where she has directed sales and marketing for SIRAM. In 2017, Marine has decided to create her own business and has co-founded ACCENTA that develops an innovative solution to decarbonize buildings through energy storage and artificial intelligence. She is currently CEO of the company.

Marine holds master degrees in environmental sciences and business administration, respectively from the French AgroParistech engineering school and the London Business School.


The imperious need to actively protect the environment stroke me as I was still in high school. The IPCC works had not yet evidenced anthropogenic global warming but I chose to graduate in environmental sciences in order to be able to act globally for the protection of our environment. As of the late 90's, growing awareness of the global warming issue made me focus on energy saving projects, whether through industrial process efficiency, demand optimization, energy production from renewable sources etc. 

Today, my company’s mission is to decarbonize our buildings’ heating and cooling energy, which account for ca. 45% of their life-long energy consumption. With buildings emitting 27% of our anthropogenic CO2, 40% of which during their operating life, the potential impact of ACCENTA is worth ca. 5% of our countries’ emissions.

I am a firm believer in the potential of technologies to fight climate change, in conjunction of course with virtuous energy and resources consumption behaviors. My commitment to climate action is in line with my total dedication to ACCENTA’s success.

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