Project: Marta León

Marta León is a chemical engineer specialized in nutrition and female hormonal health. She has studied Naturist Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zaragoza, as well as Food, Nutrition and Public Health at the National School of Health of the Carlos III Health Institute of Madrid, and Psychoneuroimmunology at the University of Barcelona. She is the writer of two books (Al Encuentro de la Maternidad & Alimentación y Salud feminine. Cuida tus hormonas comiendo rico), blogger and communicator. She is the creator of @foodgreenmood, an Instagram community joined by thousands of women centred on food and cyclicity. For more than ten years, she has accompanied women in their desire to care for and pamper their hormones through nutrition and changes in their lifestyle.

I want to continue developing the expansion of my brand, Marta León and position myself as an international expert in the Spanish language, in the area of ​​food and women's health, with an ecological, sustainable and respectful approach to the planet. And so, to be able to make more women aware of the care of their hormonal health through healthy and sustainable habits.



Female health is significantly linked to the health of Earth. As women, we go through different moments throughout our hormonal life (menstrual years, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause), and each stage has its needs. When I started my work on raising awareness about health, I noted that whenever I shared information and advice on hormones, the interest grew. 

As women, we need scientific information based on evidence to help us understand how our body works. Aware of this and the knowledge gap that existed, I was devoting more and more time and energy to translating the scientific language into a common language encouraging women to start taking care of their hormones, their bodies and making their lifestyle more sustainable be able to improve their well-being. 



My work has a firm commitment to climate change. From the dissemination of the care of women's health, I try to guide women to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, not only take care of themselves but also the planet. As women consumers, we can make more conscious choices that are greener. 

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