Martha Angela
Zevallos Alvites

Project: Pluvi

Martha Zevallos studied Environmental Engineering at the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina - UNALM. She has experience in scientific/academic research on climate change, dissemination of environmental education and promotion of climate governance. She has been a Fellow of the “Co-creative Educational Program of Humanities and Sciences to Solve Global Problems Facing Japan and Latin America LA-CEP Tokyo 2018” and the “Incubation Program 2020” of the Incubator and the Wadhwani Foundation of India. She has been selected for the World University Climate Forum 2020 at Yale University, for the Fulbright Commission's Stem4Women 2021 program and national youth delegate for Youth4Climate Pre-COP26 in Milan, Italy. She is currently president of the youth organization “Círculo de Investigación en Cambio Climático” (Circle of Climate Change Research - CICC) and analyst of climate change projects for Latin America at DEUMAN.


The Pluvi project, based on citizen science and community action, proposes the use of low-cost sensors for real-time rainfall measurement. Data obtained by a Wi-Fi signal is then shared to a user-friendly display and to an alert system for users and authorities. In addition, practical-community training and workshops will be provided for local women and neighboring leaders of their neighborhood climate action organizations to provide technical and understandable support for the application of tools, such as nature-based solutions, to increase the resilience of their communities. This will provide more accurate and detailed information on the most at-risk precipitation centers and will allow early warning and prevention measures.


Her main motivation has been to grow between the districts of Chaclacayo and Chosica and to closely know the damages and fears that the huaycos cause year after year. Also, after studying Environmental Engineering it brought her closer to the environmental problems caused by humanity itself. Thus, the Pluvi initiative was born from a multidisciplinary team of young researchers, motivated and with a great commitment to climate action and working hand in hand with the community.