Project: Ask Marketing; Point of sales promotion optimisation

I was born in the beautiful city of Quebec City, Canada. Growing up I’ve always wanted to make a difference. I studied marketing at Université Laval and was very much involved in student associations and activities. I was the President of the Marketing Student Association and participated both as a competitor and as a coach. After university, I moved to Montreal to work for a pharmaceutical company and worked there for 3 years. I then decided to return to school and did a master’s in business intelligence at the HEC. I wanted to gain experience abroad and studied a semester at the Paris-Dauphine university in France. During my master’s I started working full-time at the marketing agency that my boyfriend had launched a couple years before. I quickly became the General Manager and lead the company to be acquired by the largest independent retail marketing group in the world in early 2019.


Our company works with clients on their in-store promotions. In the past years, we’ve seen that a lot of the promotional material that we produced were made of non-recyclable materials and that they were usually thrown in the trash once they were used or we just simply never installed. With that in mind, our goal is to switch our approach and offer our clients new materials or technology to reduce the non-recyclable point of sale material in-store, to optimize processes during the POS’s life cycle and to produce less but better targeted promotions. We work with big Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) client and one campaign can produce a lot of waste so we know that our work can make a difference if we can prove to our clients that it’s worth it. Our customer’s spend millions of dollars on POS and promotions so our approach will clearly make a difference.

While talking with different clients, we began to identify that every piece of promotional material that we created with them was made out of plastic and were not recyclable. Everything needed to be thrown away at the end of the promotion. We suggested to them to switch to a recyclable cardboard for the same price, and they accepted right away. It made us think about all of the other projects where we had the same problem and where we could make the switch. I began to brainstorm about it and I realised that I was committed to trying to make a difference.


The environment has always been part of my life and education. My parents are forest technicians and brought me up to care about nature and the environment in general. My relationship with nature is important. But year after year, I’m seeing this beautiful nature getting worse. I know that if we want things to change, I need to be an actor and not a spectator. I’m committed to trying to be an actor in my area of competence and help create a more sustainable planet for my generation and the generations to come. I want them to be able to see nature and the environment as I was able to see it.