Project: Kamik Sustainable Development Governance Planning

As Marketing Communication’s Vice-President, I am responsible for the vision and communication of the Kamik brand worldwide. Kamik is a proud, third-generation Canadian family company, with three manufacturing plants in North America. Social responsibility and sustainable manufacturing practices have been at the heart of its local manufacturing for over 30 years. Prior to Kamik, I spent 15 years in marketing managerial positions in international FMCG companies in Canada and in the United States, including a short assignment in sales in Toronto. I am also a certified professional coach. In life and on the job, I bring passion, curiosity and a positive team dynamic. I approach each project as a new opportunity to learn, grow, evolve and to move things forward. I have always had a passion for adventure and the great outdoors.


In 2019, I became a strong voice inside the company advocating for Kamik to adopt the vision to become a brand with a purpose, wanting to become a strong contributor to the sustainable development of our industry. Having implemented sustainable manufacturing practices in North America for over 30 years, I wanted to make this commitment a company-wide effort, spanning all departments. I quickly realised we needed to have a stronger governance touching all aspects of the company through the environmental, social and economic elements. 

The goal is to establish a 2030 vision, identify the targets and key performance indicators, better structure our community programs and stimulate employee engagement.

As a senior member of the management team and mother of two amazing young kids, I believe I have not only the opportunity, but the personal responsibility to ensure that my company will leave a lasting, positive impact on our communities and the environment. Seeing how important sustainable development had been at Kamik in the past and knowing that consumer demand was increasing for purposeful brands, I believed that Kamik was poised to benefit from this shifting consumer and retail dynamic.


I believe that the sum of every small steps will count, but also that there needs to be a real concerted effort by companies to further push the movement started by Greta Thunberg. Even after the pandemic, we just can’t go back to the old normal. We need positive actions. I hope to be one of those positive driving forces.

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