Project: Groupe BC2; promoting sustainable neighbourhoods

Constance Aspart is an urban planner and LEED® Neighbourhood Accredited Professional in Montreal.

After studying Law and Political Science in her hometown of Toulouse, France, she studied Environmental Law at Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne and obtained a master’s degree in Urban Planning from Paris X Nanterre-La-Défense and the National Architectural School of Paris-Val-de-Seine.

Based in Montreal since 2010, Constance worked in urban planning a few years before specialising in major real estate projects. As a Project Director at BC2, she supports architects and developers in the creation of structuring projects, mainly in Montreal central districts, with the secret dream of working more and more on LEED® ND neighbourhoods in the city.


The construction sector has got a huge impact on climate change. It is quite difficult to change our beliefs, our methods, and the way we live to create an eco-friendly environment. I hope the mentorship programme will help me improve my leadership as a young woman in a pretty conventional industry, in order to challenge the limits of the private market and make a difference for the future of cities.

In 10 years, I can already see an amazing change of attitude in Montreal. European eco-friendly neighbourhoods were not often an example to follow in 2010. Today, it is all the project references we see. The industry is now willing to make a big shift and I know the mentorship programme can improve my skills to better support the movement.

My whole career path has led to mix environmental issues with territory and politics. I truly believe cities have a massive impact on climate change and, more broadly, on people’s well-being. Woman4Climate represents the perfect combination of these matters in an inspiring initiative for the future.



My studies and LEED accreditation demonstrate a strong will to be part of the solution. During my studies though, I realized I could have more impact on climate change in planning than law and aim to achieve this goal in my daily work.

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