Project: Sportera

Currently employed by Sportera as a Project Manager / Sponsorship and Partnership Specialist, Elisa mainly works on the production and execution of the Mudgirl Run, an obstacle course race dedicated to women. Previously in her career, Elisa worked for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and Piknic Electronik / Igloofest, where her knowledge of events and sponsorships evolved. Elisa stands out for her creativity, her ease in communicating with partners and her endless energy during events.


The Mudgirl Run is an inclusive sporting event, where fun is more important than performance. This event has created a community of inspirational women who help motivate each other to improve their lifestyles and create healthy habits. Mudgirl plans to bring its event all over the world, while ensuring to follow an eco-responsible model and aims to redefine the ecological standards in the event industry to reduce its ecological footprint. By initiating these measures, Mudgirl also wants to inspire its community to be more vigilant towards its consumption habits and daily actions that impact the environment.

Mudgirl was born out of its co-founders’ passion for sports, but also out of a desire to allow women to find empowerment in sports and fitness, without feeling judged or intimidated by performance indicators. At its core, Mudgirl aims to bring happiness to women through the discovery or continuation of physical activities and healthy lifestyle habits.


We know that the industry of event production has a great impact on the environment, we also believe in the importance and necessity of the outcomes produced by this kind of event. Having started our expansion in the USA in the fall of 2019, we now see more than ever, the importance of implementing eco-friendly event production practices in order to continue to convey the Mudgirl values, while raising the ecological standards of the event industry worldwide.

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