Project: Axia Services; Sustainable Development Course

Pauline holds a bachelor's degree in business management from HEC Montréal and has over 20 years of experience in business management. Over the course of her career, she has developed an integrated approach to managing social enterprises and has developed expertise in business and sustainable development. Pauline established a distribution service for fine Quebec regional products on a national scale, oversaw the management of several commercial buildings and made the transition from a business in urban revitalisation to sustainability. She considers her multidisciplinary experience as an important asset in business management. Since 2018, she has been volunteering for the Mission 100 tonnes where she is involved in saving Quebec’s environment and waterways.


In my work, I will ensure integrating sustainability into Axia Services business strategy and developing a responsible marketing strategy. I will focus on developing communication tools to properly position and highlight company's actions. In addition, my work will focus on measuring Axia’s carbon footprint and identifying GHGs and the generated waste. This will be followed by an introduction of a concrete action plan to reduce this footprint annually. By joining the Women4Climate program, I want to improve my understanding of environmental actions that can be takes by businesses and become a better ambassador for sustainable development in Montreal. By achieving these objectives, Axia Services aims to play its part in fighting the climate change and become a model for other businesses in Quebec.

We all have a role to play in saving the environment. This idea came to me because I think we can do it more collectively. The network I work in offers several opportunities for sustainable development and I would like it to benefit from it. It’s in action that we have the most impact.


Being a committed and passionate woman, I believe that every action counts when it comes to the environment. I want to bring concrete changes and send a positive message so that we all become better actors in protecting the planet. I will ensure that my actions will have a positive impact on the planet and create a healthier and more sustainable future.