Andréanne Laurin &
Maryse Aubert

Project: Épicerie LOCO


Andréanne Laurin is president, executive director and one of the four Co-Founder of Épicerie LOCO. After her bachelor’s degree in Communications and Marketing, she decided to do a Master in Environmental Sciences at UQAM. That’s where she met Sophie, Martine and Marie-Soleil, my partners in the creation of Epicerie LOCO - the first zero waste grocery store in Quebec. Her skills in business and finance made her a natural choice for General Manager of our 2 stores in Villeray and Verdun. She is in charge of the daily operations and business development of the company. She opened the first grocery in 2016 in Montreal at the age of 27. Almost a year after she opened the second store in Verdun, and now another year after launched the first franchise on the south shore of Montreal.


I am a violinist and teacher by trade and dove into the universe of Zero Waste in 2014. Quickly seduced by the Zero Waste concept, I started to apply the 5 basic rules in my daily life (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot (compost)). In the spring of 2016, I was part of the organizing committee for McGill University’s first Zero Waste Fiesta. This event allowed me to meet the founders of LOCO and join their team in August 2016. I would then be at the forefront to educate and inform people about waste reduction. In September 2017, I became assistant manager at the second LOCO location, in Verdun. I am in charge of product orders, employee training and event organization. In everything I do, you can sense a deep interest in teaching. My studies in education allowed me to develop many teaching skills. For things that can seem complicated at first, I love simplifying and making them understandable to everyone.


Epicerie LOCO is the first ecological zero waste grocery chain. It is a complete and simple solution for everyone that wants to reduce their environmental impact and adopt an healthier lifestyle! We have a large choice of food and everyday use products based on reducing our footprint on the planet! People comes in and bring their own jars. They weigh it at the front and then take only the quantity desired. The products are organic as much as possible and come from local small producers in Quebec when it is possible!


We went this route because zero waste grocery stores didn’t exist in Quebec and we wanted to start our own. We wanted to create a grocery store with a holistic approach that would care for both human beings and the planet. We chose to offer products in bulk to reduce the use of single-use packaging and we also work with suppliers who agree to deliver their products in a zero waste format as much as possible. We offer only natural and/or organic products, and we have a strong focus on selling local food from small producers. We love to tell their stories so that our customers get to know where their food comes from. We also work on reducing food waste as much as we can. Our food caterer cooks our fruits and vegetables when they are not fresh enough to be sold anymore. We also pay our employees above the minimum wage. For us, it is just common sense that our company must work this way. That’s why we decided to create LOCO instead of working for someone else! 

The four co-founders studied Environmental Sciences at UQAM. This program made us realise the magnitude of today’s environmental, social and economic crisis. We also realised that the way we consume, especially food and domestic products, is the cause of many issues. So we wanted to stand up and offer a concrete solution for people to consume in a more sustainable way. That’s how we decided to open a zero waste organic grocery store.

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