Project: Cartouches Certifiées

My name is Cassandra, I'm 28. I was born and raised in France, I have a master's degree in Environmental Science that I obtained after a university exchange in Canada. After my studies, I moved in Quebec for its peaceful life, and the green spaces of Montreal. Moreover, the province of Quebec is involved in the preservation of the environment. When I was young, I already wanted to protect animals, so I started the path of protecting biodiversity. The planet offers us all its riches and I want to work hard to preserve them because there is no Planet B.


Cartouches Certifiées was established in 2006. We collect and distribute empty and full ink cartridges and toner around the world, primarily in Canada and the United-States. Since July 2017, we have collected, so diverted from landfills, 3.25 million cartridges. Our problem? To get customers, individuals and companies, to bring us back their empty cartridges rather than put them in the trash and so they do not end up in landfills or in the oceans. Our partners and ourselves have environmentally friendly practices and are certified by very demanding environmental standards.


We are all involved in climate change and it is essential to change our lifestyle and adopt healthier practices for our environment. I had the opportunity to visit 3 continents and I realised the imbalance that can be on a planet that we all share. What motivates me to create a sustainable planet? Our children. We must protect them and make sure that they will have a viable and sustainable environment. I pass on my knowledge as best as I can around me: my family, my friends and my colleagues, and I strive to make them aware of the cause and especially to involve them because it concerns us all. After all, the sun is shining for everyone.

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