Project: Blue Bridge

Julie is a lawyer based in Montreal with an expertise in M&A, business and securities law. She has worked since 2002 for Canadian national law firms prior to joining a wealth management firm in 2014. Julie is involved in her community. She sits on the board of organisations such as the Young Directors of the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations, the Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra as well as the OFFTA Festival. She is also an active member of women leadership or finance organisations, such as Young Canadians in Finance and the Women Lawyers Forum of the Canadian Bar Association. She is the author of numerous articles and has been a speaker at conferences focusing on business law, venture capital and environmental law. Julie offers pro bono advice to a number of entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organisations. She is the mother of twins (and of a third child soon) and is passionate about philosophy, politics, economy and kitesurfing.


I would like to put together an ambitious and creative action plan incorporating sustainable development principles and innovative solutions to our vision, mission and philosophy. We could have achievable and measurable beneficial social and environmental impacts, while ensuring a financial return, allowing us to be a good corporate citizen and to stay relevant in the corporate world.


Making our world a better place has always been a great motivation that has guided my actions, both from a professional and from a personal standpoint. I initially worked in environmental law, prior to working in corporate and securities law, which allowed me to understand how corporations can have a positive impact on the environment. It led me to learn a lot about existing initiatives and certifications. It also showed me that corporations can have a positive impact on our planet while ensuring a good return on investment to its shareholders. Actions, big and small, have an impact and I think that we should focus on both. Travelling the world allowed me to realise the impact that we have on our planet through our actions. It became obvious that innovative and sustainable actions are not options anymore. As a woman and a mother, I feel it is my responsibility to provide a sustainable environment for future generations.