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Nathalie Lortie received her Bachelor of Architecture from the Université de Montréal in 1993 after which she worked for a number of architectural firms in Montreal, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands gaining significant industry experience in the process. She joined Sollertia as lead project designer in 2003.  Creative and sensitive to a project’s needs, her designs are innovative and founded in a comprehensive understanding of tensile fabric structures. Several of her projects have garnered awards and the attention of tensile architecture industry professionals in Canada and internationally.  Over the years, her experience and involvement in all phases of a project have provided her with an extensive understanding of the process of realisation of tensile structures, from the conceptual study phase right through to the execution phase. Nathalie possesses 15 years of experience in the design, coordination and supervision of engineering analyses of lightweight tensioned structures. In her current role at Sollertia she is also responsible for ensuring quality throughout all stages of project development and implementation.


I believe that all construction, regardless of scale, has the power to enhance the quality of life of people and positively impact the environment if designed with sustainable development in mind. Together with the active involvement of some of my colleagues, I aim to establish a culture at Sollertia based on the principles of sustainable development and implant its principles into the company’s business model and become the initiator of sustainable architectural projects. Furthermore, our goal at Sollertia is to create a healthy and diverse workplace for employees and to make a positive social impact on the environment. My very first assignment at Sollertia, was the design of a circus school in Ougadougou, Africa, on which I worked in partnership with several Quebec-based NGOs whose aim was to encourage youth involvement in the community. The desire to have a positive impact on the environment runs deep in the veins of those of us working for Sollertia and our wish is to be involved to a greater degree in the project that has a social impact and continues working for the well-being of society be it in our immediate or wider environment.


As far back as I can remember, I was enthralled by nature and fascinated by any and all forms of living organisms.  My early days spent exploring the worlds of cellular and microbiology as part of my laboratory studies provided me with the opportunity to further explore nature’s ingenuity. Further driven by the need to create and improve habitable spaces, I completed a training in architecture during which my studies in biology never ceased to be a source of inspiration. For several years now, I’ve worked in the field of textile architecture, a field that, for me, is a culmination of my two above mentioned passions in architecture and biology. Flexible composite materials offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of creativity and expression in architectural design, from highly organic and fluid forms inspired by nature to smooth flat surfaces for streamlined and refined spaces. My commitment to create a better and more sustainable world includes initiating the creation of significant spaces and architectural features as a form of expression, living spaces that engage our senses and provide a sense of well-being to its occupants, and collaborating in the creation of innovative architectures that are coherent and in harmony with their environments.

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