Anupam Sathe

Urban greening

Mugdha (Malpathak) Sathe. Working as Senior executive landscape at Oberoi Realty, Mumbai.
Education - Masters in landscape architecture BNCA, Pune – 2011 to 2013; Bachelors in architecture; NDMVPS college of architecture – 2005 to 2010; Post-graduate program- Sustainable Management of Natural Resources & Nature Conservation Volunteering – IUCN- Commission on Ecosystem Management


Mumbai, from being an archipelago of seven islands with wetlands between them, was consolidated, due to urbanization and developments. The consolidation of islands resulted in most of the wetlands being sacrificed thereby, causing a shift in balance – urban development replacing nature. The mangrove forests, rivers, and wetland systems that protected the coastal suburbs from high monsoon tides and floods were compromised. The remaining mangroves and wetlands have been placed under the protection of the forest department and strict regulations have been set against their deforestation.But with challenges like climate change which bring about more extreme weather patterns and ever-increasing urbanisation, we need to build a Mumbai city where residents will be able to enjoy a liveable, sustainable and climate-resilient Mumbai. To do so, we can build upon what has been achieved and further restore nature into the urban environment. The vision of the project is to enhance Mumbai city’s natural capital by restoring lost biodiversity and engaging the community to sustain the greening efforts. Goals of the project are:

  • To provide and manage native, diverse and valuable greenery.
  • To inspire ownership and care for our greenery and nature.
  • To promote 'green' recreation as a lifestyle.

Being a Landscape architect I am working in the development of outdoor spaces for a decade now. During the lockdown, the pandemic has given a chance and a reason for professionals like me to think about sustainable development for a better future. Lately, I have been really keen and curious about ecological approaches in Landscape design and have taken up a course ‘PostGraduate Program in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources & Nature Conservation’ to enhance my Landscape design values in general. This course has given me a completely new outlook for designing and managing landscapes. I strongly believe that sustainable landscape development and management is the need of the near future and I wish to contribute substantially to the same.


There are many motivations and commitment but to state it philosophically "In Wildness is the Preservation of the World" - Henry David Thoreau

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