Project: Slowfashiontour

Daughter of a seamstress, I grew up in my mother's clothing store and lived very young the impact of fast fashion stores on proximity mom-and-pop commerce.

I am French living in Barcelona since 2008 and after several years dedicated to project management and customer experience, I decided to follow my career path autonomously for an industry that I am passionate about and that I house in my heart.


“Slowfashiontour” is a project that is born at the intersection of my professional career, the desire to undertake and help people who have experienced and lived a similar life.

Through commercial dynamization services I want to give visibility to sustainable fashion brands and stores, while raising consumer awareness and making them involved in local and sustainable economic development.

My goal is to change consumption habits and curb the negative environmental and social impact of fast fashion, valuing fair and proximity projects.

The idea came to me, quite simply, chatting with friends in search of local shops and brands, but not knowing how to locate them.

On the other hand, knowing the need for businesses to reach conscious customers, I was clear that a connection was missing. I looked for a way to build a link beyond a simple buy-sell relationship. Returning to the roots, to the that familiar service of her mother's shop, I wanted to offer services to create a social and emotional link with shops, and with a playful spirit and fully responsible at the same time. Thus, has born the idea of the tours, of how to take friends out of the great avenues of fast fashion and literally show them local and sustainable fashion stores. Taking them by the hand and establishing connections.


Beyond the idea of tours, “Slowfashiontour” is a personal and collective empowerment project. As a woman, as a daughter, friend and colleague had the need to show that by adding small changes, we can change the world.