Climate Education Reform BC

Naomi Leung or 梁珮恩 is a 17 year old climate and racial justice activist. She is a second generation immigrant with parents from Malaysia and Hong Kong and she is a settler on unsurrendered Musqueam, Tsawwassen, and Cowichan First Nations territories or Richmond, BC.  

Growing up, Naomi did not see people that looked like her centered or listened to in environmental spaces, which is why she is driven by intersectional justice. She knows that in our fight for climate justice and a better world, we must also include the fight for Indigneous sovereignty, Black Liberation, Migrant justice, justice for Global South communities, and justice and equity for all.

Naomi is a member of Sustainabiliteens, a movement of youth across MetroVancouver driven by climate justice, who advocated for the passing of Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan in 2020.

She also coordinates Climate Education Reform BC, a youth-led organization determined to see an educational system that prepares students for the Climate Crisis.


Climate Education Reform BC(CERBC) is an organization that consists of youth across colonially named British Columbia who acknowledge that the BC educational system is not doing enough to prepare them for their futures. The group is determined to see an educational system that adequately prepares students for the Climate Emergency.  

This is why CERBC launched their “Reform to Transform” campaign, knowing that BC needs an educational reform that centers intersectional and justice-driven learning and that fully addresses how colonial violence is at its root tied to the Climate Crisis.

 The group is lobby the BC Ministry of Education to to treat the Climate Crisis like the true emergency that it is, to create a comprehensive and intersectional climate justice educational system; to create accountability and advisory mechanisms for the implementation and development stages of the curriculum, and to mandate that school infrastructure transition to become in alignment to net zero greenhouse gas emission goals and within municipalities like Vancouver to become in alignment with their Climate Emergency Action Plan. CERBC desires to see a meaningful educational system that equips future generations with the tools and knowledge to combat Climate Change and that creates the next generation of climate leaders.